Swiftle Lab is a technical expertise accelerator for pre-seed startups

We help you save money on technical expertise and implementation of the first versions of your products to test hypotheses for equity.
Productivity Tools, InsurTech, FinTech,
SaaS, Digital Health, AI, Cyber, D2C,
Consumer Internet and beyond
Technology, Technical Management, Deal Structuring, Design Planning, Product Development
Technological Development, Project Analysis
USA, Russia, Asia
Europe and beyond
Stars & Exits highlights
pioneers in the field of technical acceleration
What we do
There are a large number of geniuses in the world who do not have the funds to develop their product but have a cool idea. We allow for equity to implement the first version of the product using No-Code, frameworks, and other optimal solutions that we use in Swiftle.
Meet our team
George Novik
General Partner
Igor Ozerov
Finance Director
Curious about how Swiftle can help your business?

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