Case Study: Rarit4Elite

No-code Startups
It’s worth mentioning from the very beginning that the name of the project is not real but fictitious. According to the NDA, we cannot disclose the real name. Yet, we are eager to share this experience. That is why we came up with the following name to use in our case.

About the Project

Project Summary
Rarit4Elite is an NFT marketplace that connects artists, designers, authors, and crypto lovers. They can use it to trade or exchange digital works of art and collectibles.

Why Rarit4Elite?
NFT market continues to grow. As a result, more and more people are interested in issuing and trading NFTs. These are non-fungible tokens that can be used in a variety of forms, such as:

  • text
  • graphics
  • gifs
  • digital art
  • music
  • video clips
  • memes

Thus, the key point is to find or create an NFT marketplace that will meet your needs and objectives.
Our client had an idea to develop a platform for storing and trading unique digital art and collectibles. And he was looking for options on how to put it into practice.

Services Provided by the Swiftle Team

Our team offers a variety of services. At first, we define the scope of the project. Our experts guide the client through the whole process of creating the product. What is more, we continue supporting the client after launching the product.
In the case of Rarit4Elite, we also began with the scope of the project. Then, we offered the best approach to implement it, using the Bubble platform and all its benefits.
The next step was to get an MVP to confirm the idea. The feedback from the target audience helped us to understand that the product was valuable. And it would be pretty competitive on the market. Thus, we made some minor changes in our strategy, taking into account the given results. And finally, we created the Rarity4Elite NFT marketplace.

Why Have We Chosen the Bubble Platform for This Very Project?

First of all, it’s a perfect instrument when it comes to shaping the interface of the future marketplace. You don’t have to use extra tools. The Bubble platform offers everything you will use while working on the project.
Secondly, the functionality of the pre-built templates is usually limited. Thus, creating an attractive and community-friendly NFT marketplace can become quite a challenge. With the Bubble platform, you have much more at your disposal. Besides designing a proper look, you are free to add a variety of features to the marketplace to make it powerful.

What We Paid a Particular Attention To

Appealing User Experience
“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” (Will Rogers) That is why the NFT marketplace storefront matters much. We not only made it engaging to users but also worked on the layout, as well as its usability.

Search Options
Users are often overwhelmed by the amount of NFTs they are offered. So, we implemented both filter and search options to help them find the item they are looking for. One can choose different metrics, such as a category or price while searching for the desired NFT.

Wallet Security
It’s important to ensure safe transactions and take care of NFT payments efficiency. Thus, a secure wallet is a must for any marketplace. The NFT marketplace is not an exception. We have integrated Meta Mask Wallet into the platform to secure transactions and guarantee data safety.

Time Frames
It has taken the Swiftle team 35 days to develop the NFT marketplace. As you can see, no-code tools allow you to create any turnkey project within a short period of time. These instruments save not only your time but also other resources.
After launching the product, we received the feedback from the client:
“I contacted the Swiftle company on a recommendation. I wanted to implement my idea of an NFT marketplace. From the very first conversation with the Swiftle expert, I was convinced that this was the team I would like to work with. They offered me a detailed plan of the project implementation, with clear objectives and strict deadlines. What I liked most is that Rarit4Elite was ready in 35 days. At the same time, some companies told me that I would have to wait for six months or more.”

Thus, if you have come up with an idea but don’t know what to do next, just book a demo call with the Swiftle expert. We will take care of the rest.